AI-powered COVID-19 Detection

Janus Robotics is well positioned to support governments and companies to truncate the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Problem: People Cannot Be Trusted to Self-Diagnose

  • While the population is accepting of movement restrictions for now, eventually individuals will decide that their need for movement is more important than the impact on public health
  • Economic shut down cannot be indefinite – by summer 2020, will people:
    • Still be avoiding mass transit? 
    • Maintaining separation in grocery stores? 
    • Cancelling vacation travel? 
  • When companies, universities and schools reopen, will parents notice symptoms of illness?
  • People will not take their temperature everyday

Solution: AI-powered Low-Cost, Non-Invasive Screenings

Janus Robotics is developing a low-cost, AI-powered device that incorporates thermal signatures and gesture recognition to detect signatures of flu-like symptoms.

Phase 1: Thermal Mapping – Using off-the-shelf thermal detection, specifically targeted human temperature bands, a differential algorithm will detect aberrant heat signatures and move to secondary validation. The temperature sensitivity would be set at a threshold to avoid false positives.

Phase 2: Using deep neural networks (DNN), the subject with an elevated temperature would be evaluated for gestures that are symptomatic of flu like behavior. Gestures may include:

  • coughing,
  • shortness of breath / gasping for air ,
  • breathing difficulties / bending over to breathe,
  • repeatedly covering mouth

If the thermal and gesture recognition device determined a high probability of flu-like symptomatology, appropriate interventions could be enabled, thus limiting the vector and curtailing the probability of greater public exposure.

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