About Us

Janus Robotics was founded in 2019 by a team of PhD scientists with Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and entrepreneurial experience.

Janus Robotics has filed three patents based on decision support:

  1. Autonomous Ground Robotic Systems for Disaster Relief
  2. Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Infrastructure Monitoring
  3. COVID-19 Detector using Thermal and Gesture Data

Core competencies include: deep neural networks (DNNs) for

  1. object detection
  2. path planning
  3. four-dimensional trajectory vectorization
  4. gesture detection

We are currently procuring funding for three main project areas. If you are interested in speaking with one of the co-founders, please submit a message on our Contact Us page

Founding Team

Justin Starr, PhD
Founder, CEO, Janus Robotics

In addition to his role as Co-Founder & CEO of Janus Robotics, Dr. Starr currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Robotics at the Community College of Allegheny County where he has developed and taught classes on autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, UAVs, robotic manipulators, and more. In addition to robotic systems, he also teaches courses in electronics engineering, telecommunications, microprocessors and microcontrollers. Dr. Starr has fostered a partnership with Carnegie Mellon University, by creating a program to award college credit for the Smart Manufacturing and Advanced Robotics Training program developed by the National Robotics Engineering Center. 

Ashish Basuray, PhD
Co-founder, Scientific Advisor, Janus Robotics

Dr. Basuray currently also serves as Chief Science Officer and co-founder at PreScouter, Inc. Ashish brings 15 years of grant & project management experience, pedogeological theory and entrepreneurship. Dr. Basuray also currently serves as an Adjunct Faculty member at Northwestern University.

Randy Reiss
CTO, Janus Robotics

Mr. Reiss is a Data Team Leader, Data Scientist, and Mathematician. Specializing in incubating and establishing a data strategy in a transforming organization. With over 30 years of experience in data science and software development, he has come to see the larger, over-arcing patterns across industries. With experience in larger organizations and smaller startups, he recognizes the triggers and results of culture, technology choices, and the silent effects of tech debt.